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Privacy Check

When you surf the Web, you reveal personal information to sites. Find out what they know!

Here's The Part You Didn't Know

Find out what Web sites know about you

When you browse the Web, you reveal sensitive information about yourself. Sites can see what sites you've visited. They know what social networks you belong to. They even know where you are located.

Marketers can use this information to build a detailed dossier on you. They know your interests. They can guess your annual income and how much your house is worth. They may even know your medical conditions.

And then there are malicious sites that will use this information to attack you. They can target specific vulnerabilities in your software. They can craft phishing attacks based on the banking sites you use.

Click below to see exactly what you reveal to the sites you visit. Then, I'll tell you how to protect yourself. And while you're thinking about it, share this page with your family and friends. They need to know this, too.

See What They Know

We are not gathering the information that is displayed. It is simply to show you what the Web knows about you.

When you see what sites know about you, you'll want to take action. These tips and free tools will help you maintain your online privacy.

Free proxy software:

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How to stay anonymous when surfing the Web